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Whats the Skinny...

What is a bike park? Remember when your bike was the best escape on the planet? Your freedom machine! Well, we want to keep that feeling alive in our youth (and adults!)  bike parks are aimed to keep kids on bikes learning new skills long after the training wheels come off. But they aren't just for kids, from novice to professional; riders will tell you the skills learned in a bike park are lifelong and there is no better platform to learn proper technique. They will also tell you how much fun a paved pump track is! Why paved? Everyone gets a turn. beyond the rigorous demand of maintaining a dirt track, they are not for everyone. A paved track gives the 3 year old on the strider bike a roller coaster to run laps on, the professional mountain biker a place to practice pumping down a trail, the bmx'er a place to link up all the features, a skateboader's snake run paradise and the list goes on... They truly are for everyone.  

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